Sunday funday

No more procrastinating.  I’ve researched my heart out, I’m full of inspiration and it is time to paint.  I find painting the big canvas works to be a cycle, where I will consistently paint for a few weeks and then need a break of a week or two to do something else like my watercolours to recharge.

This is my current WIP. 


I started this one around 18 months ago just after I moved into our forever home and unpacked my studio space.  Initially she was horizontal, sleeping, with her head on some leaves and the Autumn leaves falling around her.   However she just never wanted to be finished.  The work was dark, moody, in tones of reds and browns and honestly..... depressing.  Knowing I had and exhibition looming I thought finishing off conavases that were not completed was an important task.  This exhibition is deeply personal and signifies a fresh start, time to give them new life.

So she has transformed into a work that has given me goosebumps and butterflies in my stomach as she unfolds into this beautiful woman in a magical dream state.  I can’t wait to reveal the whole painting that I’ve titled “Awake Asleep”.  She’s a big one at 60cm x 91cm (23.5” x 36”).