Darwin Travels

I never had Darwin as a place I would want to travel.  No specific reason, it had just never entered my mind, to be honest I had no idea what I would find there.

My husband is currently working in Darwin so the opportunity popped up for me to hop on a plane and spend a long weekend there.  We spent the whole time sightseeing and what a marvellous adventure it was!

We hopped on a tour to Lichfield National Park where we saw a python, a crocodile and plenty of Kites (big birds).  It was hot, there were plenty of rocks, water and monsoon rainforests.

Darwin Monsoon Forest.jpg
Darwin Cactus Plant.jpg

We tried to see as many natural and free places as possible.  So we walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens, Darwin Museum and Art Gallery, strolled down the beach (be sure to stay 5 metres away from the edge as yes they do get crocodiles visiting at various times of the year!!).

Darwin Crocodile Skull.jpg

We visited the famous Mindil Beach Sunset markets where my husband ate Crocodile and I bought some beautiful botanical inspired jewellery (flowers encased in resin).  I underestimated how busy the market would be, it was packed with stallholders.

Darwin Snake Skeleton.jpg
Darwin Turtle Skeleton.jpg

I took a photo of the sign below as I loved the botanical design but wish I could have found more in the cafe, or at least some things I could buy and take home with me.

Darwin Evas Botanical Gardens Cafe Sign.jpg
Darwin Flightless Goose.jpg
Darwin Forest.jpg
Darwin Rock Colours.jpg

The colours of the rocks beside the ocean were quite dramatic and unlike anything I've ever seen before.  So many hues of brown, mustard, purple, yellows and reds.

Darwin Waterfalls.jpg

The waterfalls were a drive, but worth it.  Only a handful across the national parks could be swum in as the others are full of crocodiles.  

I'd definitely go back again in a heartbeat, we had no more time to see anything else.  Next time I hope we can go for a few weeks, it was like another world without the overcrowding of civilisation.