Mats MBA


I've been following Make Art That Sells for many years after encountering them through one of my creative friends Niina Aoki.  MATS have released a new course called the Mats Money Bad Ass.  Presented by Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton they will share advice, tips and assignments in a three week crash course to help us make money doing what we love.

As part of their five year celebrations they recently had a competition on Facebook.  Out of five hundred entries I was one of the lucky winners to receive a free place on the course and I'm SO EXCITED!!  I love the way they announced the winners by doing a direct response to a passage I submitted over why I would love to be on the course.

I've been doing this ten years but it is time to take myself serious.  I honestly love what I do and being able to learn more on how I can keep sustaining it as an occupation is such a wonderful way to support myself.