Sometimes Paintings Never Eventuate

Bird Pattern.jpg

At the end of last year I was working on various projects, bouncing between works with no real direction.  Life was busy, kids were busy, I was still setting up my studio and trying to find some focus.  It is very hard to restart a business after a lengthy break.

This was going to be a series of three works on canvas, I just fell in love with all the birds that have been visiting our garden, and I wanted to accentuate the painting with details of patterns inspired by the past.  But I went and painted this in acrylic, and the colours didn't work at all and I knew with my gut feeling that I couldn't rescue it.

So now the only place this lives is in my head and this photo of it sketched out on canvas.  Maybe one day I'll attempt this in a different medium - possibly watercolour?  Or maybe it was never meant to be.