With Love For Books Interview & Giveaway

With Love For Books Giveaway

The team at With Love For Books have interviewed me with a whole array of interesting questions.

An excerpt - 

5) You often use vintage book pages for your paintings. How do you select the pages you use and where do you find these books?

Secondhand shops are the best place to find vintage books hidden in the corner covered in dust. I pick books according to the smell of the page as I find the older and mustier they are, the more paint they can absorb and they have a lovely texture. I’m very lucky that a number of friends know me so well they have started gifting me books they’ve found on their adventures. When I pick the pages I try to exclude certain words (i.e. violence, swearing) but I also look for a certain shape to the formatting of the text. For some projects I’ve used book subjects related to the final work (i.e, one of my teacup paintings used a cookbook).

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