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Successful Grant for attending Artlands 2018

Artlands Country Arts WA.jpg

I’m so proud to be a recipient of a quick response grant from the Regional Arts Fund through Country Arts WA to travel in October to Artlands 2018 being held in Bendigo, Victoria. I have been a part of a number of grants but this is the first grant that I have personally applied for and I’m just honoured that they are supporting me and investing in my development.

I’m going to fly interstate to attend the conference and will immerse myself in a multitude of workshops and talks covering mental health, positive impacts from art and creativity, sustainable arts practice, art in rural/regional communities, regional feminism, creating meaningful and authentic work with communities, regional arts and developing arts at home with young people.

A section of my application that I feel strongly about -

“Since moving to Bridgetown 18 months ago I have been extensively involved in connecting my community with my art and exploring their creativity. I have setup an art studio, been involved in numerous workshops, grants and projects, worked with two of our community centres, hosted work experience students, exhibited, consulted, run workshops as well as an art club at the local primary school and hosted playgroup activities.

The community has a lot of potential for interacting with art at all levels but currently lacks ideas, experience and funding. Community based projects occur rarely and are always pressed for time. The town has a strong volunteer presence but need direction.

Attending Artlands Victoria will enable me to gain knowledge, connections and information that I can bring back to my community. It will assist me in gaining ideas for what projects I can create and on what scale as well as organisations that I can partner with on future projects.

This will help extend my art practice as I paint female portraits to connect with others, but I now want to explore more about how we can find that inner strength, creativity and passion we hold within, particularly when living regionally.”

This is going to be such a great opportunity, I’m really looking forward to it and what ideas will evolve from the experience.