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Postcard - Ring Of Notes


I love mini art and designing postcards was the perfect way I could share my art. This postcard is bold and bright in colour in a vivid shade of red. It features a young woman with the most vibrant hair, inspired by fire and passion. Circling her is a circle of musical sheets created from a collage of vintage book pages. It is inspired by the thought of communicating solely through music and song.

This postcard is printed on thick card and is glossy on the picture side. The reverse has plenty of room to write a message, pop on a stamp, and mail it anywhere worldwide. Alternatively it is the perfect size to pin up on a board at your desk or pop in a frame.

This postcard is A6 in size which measures 14.5cm x 10.5cm (5.7" x 4.1").

I’m happy to help answer any further questions or feel free to commission your own special artwork.

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005 Postcard Front.jpg
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