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Print - I Don't Drink Tea

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This archival print has been printed on durable paper and is a reproduction of one of my original acrylic paintings. It is titled “I Don’t Drink Tea”.

I painted this collection of teacups inspired by my mum (who collects teapots) and surreal dreams I was having of being surrounded by shelves of things.

I'm fond of op shopping, vintage shopping and hoarding beautiful lovely things. I try to tell myself that it is the creative part of my mind but I think the reality is that I just love being surrounded by things that have history. I wanted to fill this painting with as many cups in all shapes and sizes that I could think about. Some with patterns, some without. It was originally painted in acrylic on canvas over collaged vintage book pages.

There are multiple size options available and each print is made to order.

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I Don't Drink Tea print.jpg
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