Print - Rhinoceros Skull

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Inspired by natural history illustration, I've been working on a series of animal skulls of all sizes, shapes and styles. This is a rendering of a Rhinoceros skull featuring its amazing horns. Did you know that the horn is made from Keretin the same type of protein which makes fingernails and hair which enables the horn to keep growing. A Rhino is a herbivore and loves to eat leafy greens.

This archival print has been printed on durable paper and is a reproduction of one of my original watercolour paintings. It is titled “Rhinoceros Skull" and was created with pencil and watercolour on thick artist grade paper.

There are multiple size options available and each print is made to order. This print has a white border to make it easier to put in a frame. 

If you have any questions or if you'd like some custom work, please message me.

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