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Personal commissions - I am available to paint a painting for your home or for a gift.  I can paint anything figurative, and love to paint portraits (primarily females).  For portraits I generally use 4-6 reference photos of the person to get a feel of their character.  I can do multiple people in one work and I like to incorporate items, text, pets or any other meaningful elements within to create a story.  I can create artworks on paper or canvas and at whatever size is preferred.

Generally from the start to the finish a painting will take 3-8 weeks to complete depending on their complexity.  As part of the process you will be supplied with sketches and updated with progress of the painting before delivery.

Client commissions - I am available for image licensing and commissions for new work.

Please contact me for further information.


I love using mixed media in my artworks.  For most of my canvas works I will collage vintage book pages or underpaint an image over the surface.  I rarely leave the canvas white and I rarely sketch up draft mockups.  I will then use acrylic to paint a scene or figure on top.  I use a mixture of reference images and my imagination to combine the elements together.  Then finally I will seal the artwork, add hanging implements and sign the work.


I am available for Art Tuition and Workshops

Upcoming workshop information will be released as soon as date/locations are established.


Available for murals, workshops, fabric design and commissions that are personal or business.  I have an extensive client list and enjoy seeing my art explore the world.

My illustrations are available for art licensing.

Wholesale orders are available for archival prints.  Other product lines will be made available in the future.