Alicia Rogerson is an artist and illustrator residing in Bridgetown, Western Australia.  She is a painter, dreamer and mother of three.

Inspired by childhood, fantasy, nature, art nouveau, wildlife and the imagination, Alicia is primarily a figurative artist.  Her works tend to focus on beautiful solitary female figures with bold eyes, elaborate hair and their relationships to the world. All of her paintings hold hidden symbols, meanings and references.  She is fond with incorporating text, particularly vintage book pages as she explores the way her artwork can communicate to a viewer.

She uses a large variety of techniques and most of her works are mixed media using paints, pencils, chalk, fabric, collage or ink.  

In college she studied Interior Decoration for a short time before switching to Fine Art.  She struggled with the conceptual focus in her studies and for a number of years stopped creating.  Then in 2007 she listed some of her art in an online shop and sold out in nine days and from there her journey has been a whirlwind journey.

From 2007-2016 she painted under the psuedonym "Ali J".  Now as her work evolves and grows she has chosen to paint by her real name and her product line is known as "Dusk Willow".

Through her career opportunities have been generous and Ali has worked on private, commercial and community projects.  Her client list is extensive including SONY/BMG and The Australian Women’s Weekly.  She has worked on a huge variety of projects including painting a fibreglass kangaroo, creating window installations, exhibiting in group and solo shows, illustrating CD’s, clothing, magazines and even a cookbook. 

Her hope is that her art can make a connection to others and inspire them in some way.