Personal Commissions are currently open. This is an opportunity for you to have an original artwork created for you in my style. This is a special way to gift the ones you love. My schedule can be booked out months in advance so contact me early for a commission request.

Primarily, I am a figurative artist and I love to paint portraits or objects. I paint in a modern style using a mixture of mediums including acrylic, watercolour, ink, pencil, pastels, graphite and much more. I love to use a variety of colours, and if the piece feels right, I will at times incorporate collage to add depth, dimension and additional meanings to a work.

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Commissioned works can take 1-4 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity and the size.

A non refundable deposit of 50% will be required before commencement of the commission. After this I will arrange sketches and further information to be provided and materials ordered.

When the painting is complete, I will show you the final work and you can make up to two adjustments.

I prefer to work without too many limitations, so that the artwork does not look overworked. Presenting some ideas are great, such as incorporating specific books/texts and themes but too many ideas can make the process much harder than it needs to be.

Top quality materials will be used in the artwork creation, the artwork will be signed and dated. Canvases will arrive with clean edges, sealed and ready to hang. Paper artworks will require an additional fee if you would like to arrange framing.


  • Framing

  • Express Postage / Personal Delivery

  • Additional changes (After the initial two)

  • Digital Files

  • Products or Prints

  • Custom non standard canvas sizes

  • Multiple figures in a portrait

  • Live sittings

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When needing reference photos I prefer to have one very good photo and another 4-6 accompanying. In regards to portraits I like to have ones with a closed mouth and clear features. Realistic portraits need to have the reference photo checked before the commission proceeds.

Live sittings are welcome and can be arranged for a fee.

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Artworks can be collected from my studio in the South West of WA or possibly from an event Iā€™m participating in.

All other artworks will be securely delivered via mail/courier to their destination. Canvas artworks are sent wrapped with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Large paintings may incur delivery costs.


Please contact me with your idea and I can give you a quote.

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Commissioned artworks do not include the transfer of copyright. They are for personal use only, licensing agreements are available

Contact me to start discussing your idea, I look forward to speaking with you.