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Working from home and across from the internet can be isolating. However you can’t forget that you can find networks of support anywhere. For me confidence comes from learning, and I’m in a number of groups where I’m constantly being reminded of things I already know, but also new things that will help in the future.

Jennifer Nelson has released some downloadable show forms for artists. Aimed at American artists, but this still can apply worldwide, these forms help artists on what they might need to display/exhibit/sell their work at trade shows. She’s got a great newsletter and a Facebook group you can join here.


Dinosaurs Of The Past

Painting critically endangered animals has inspired me to explore more subjects….. ones that are extinct. I haven’t explored many “boy” themes in the past, but wanted the challenge. I’ve been painting a lot of stand alone motifs lately to digitally transform into placement on products. My son asked me to paint him some dinosaurs.

Time Cannot Erase You WEB.png

Custom Wood Slices

One of my favourite things to do in between painting big canvases is teeny tiny little paintings….. introducing my wood slices.

I can paint almost anything onto these slices, you’re only limited to your imagination. I’ll be releasing over 100 new designs in June/July but until then you can do a custom order through my Etsy shop. They can be transformed into pendants, brooches or ornaments.

Wood Slices Group 2.jpg
2017-12-02 16.56.11-1.jpg
Wood Slice 13 Body.jpg
030 Wood Slice Mushroom 3.jpg