#Dior vs #BIHOR

A fascinating insight into Dior vs Bihor.  

I'm finding that Romanian style culture and attire, including strong opposite colours, thread, embroidery, mirror patterns and vintage textures is going to be a popular element in the coming year.

A clean canvas

I find painting the edge of a canvas quite relaxing and fulfilling.   it is an extension to the works and I like to choose a darker colour or one with less vibrancy so the painting is given the impression of resting against a wall.


Early Rendering

I'm working to extend my skills at natural history illustration.  One task amongst most of the courses is practicing rendering Feathers.   

In this work I've sectioned areas and now I will start the pain staking task of individually rippling each strand of feather and focusing on the shadows, linework and tonal values to see if I can turn this into something more realistic and have it bounce off the page.

This illustration is about an hour of work, I estimate another four to five hours before it will be completed. 


Darwin Travels

Darwin Travels

I never had Darwin as a place I would want to travel.  No specific reason, it had just never entered my mind, to be honest I had no idea what I would find there.

My husband is currently working in Darwin so the opportunity popped up for me to hop on a plane and spend a long weekend there.  We spent the whole time sightseeing and what a marvellous adventure it was!

We hopped on a tour to Lichfield National Park where we saw a python, a crocodile and plenty of Kites (big birds).  It was hot, there were plenty of rocks, water and monsoon rainforests.

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